The Consumer Psychology Handbook:

Conversion Secrets from Digital Powerhouses

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"Want to see examples of these principles at work, explaining what works and what doesn’t?
This book brings it all together, with screenshots, to-dos, and explanations." —Fred Pike, 3x Digital Analytics Instructor @ CXL

Discover how iconic online brands use everyday consumer psychology to build digital empires.

You'll learn how to:

  • Build Bulletproof, Customized Offers using the Barnum Effect

  • Create Insane Desire with the IKEA Effect

  • Blow Away Customer Objections through Direct Framing

  • And Tons More!

Meet the Author:
Marco Basile

My name's Marco and I help D2C Founders use targeted consumer psychology to blow their competition out of the water.

Pretty early on, I realized almost all successful people have one thing in common.

They know exactly what they're good at and they build businesses around those skills.

Usually, these kinds of skills get picked up by accident and they don't even realize how lucrative they can be until years later.

And after years of my own dead ends and career changes, I finally figured out I was great at helping D2C companies scale—fast.

Now, I want to share my secrets with the rest of the world and I've put them all inside this book.

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