The Unique and Only 24-step Subscription Offer Checklist - An Irresistible Homepage

Marco Basile - The Subscription Offer Man

The Homepage

The homepage is crucial to an excellent customer experience. Especially for organic traffic, it’s the first page people visit. It must revolve around your unique value proposition. This can vary slightly, depending on your product:

  • If it’s consumable or disposable, like supplements, then you’ll naturally end up promoting your subscription.
  • If it’s not, then you’re likely to increase your customer lifetime value with different add-ons and products over your main one, because you can’t sell a one-time product with a subscription aimed to sell disposable products, or at least, reusable ones.

That said, I encourage you to only push for subscriptions on your homepage once you have a decent loyal customer base. If people don’t know who you are, you will have a hard time trying to sell your products through a quiz or a subscription directly on the homepage.

The companies I profile here, especially Winc, have a home page entirely about their subscription offer, but they had to build a solid brand before getting there. Start with small tests and then ramp it up as you hit your KPIs.

Let’s dive in.


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Known in most circles as The Subscription Offer Man, Marco grew up as an introvert, developing a natural intuition towards what makes people tick. That's how he developed a passion for psychology.

After graduating from a scientific high school, he taught Math and Physics for three years as a private tutor.

Improving your customer experience is where psychology and Math intersect, and that's why he's able to get you unheard-of results.

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