"We then experienced a 173% increase in conversion rate, and something similar happened for revenue."

Read or watch Chris' story, founder of Lyfe Fuel, who applied our bespoke consumer psychology framework to experience terrific results for his website.

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Meet Chris Manderino.

Chris is the founder of Lyfefuel, an impact-driven CPG brand focused on providing the most essential nutrients through a customized plan based on your unique needs so that you can stay on top of your game without time-consuming meal prep or expensive supplementation.

How he got involved with us.

Chris got our cold email outreach in his inbox, which was timely and value-driven. In his words: "You led with value right away...there were 3-5 takeaways that you provided that we could apply immediately to see an uplift."

From that, he acknowledged the expertise and wanted to work with us.

The Challenge.

Chris burned $20000 in ad budget and agency fees.

He didn't know how to optimize his website, and he couldn't get any more traffic to the pages without wasting money.

He was already looking around for consultants and agencies, but no one seemed to be able to guarantee a minimum uplift in conversion rate, as we do.

What Happened Next?

The Ducati Framework.

He implemented the Ducati framework, our bespoke consumer psychology framework, to his main product pages, the Essential and the Recovery shake.

The Above-the-fold.

The biggest challenge revolved around the above-the-fold, the most important part of your page that visitors see first. He's been able to take on the challenge effortlessly nonetheless.

So... the Results?

He then experienced a 173% increase in conversion rate, from 1.94% to 5.29%, for the Essential Shake Page and The Recovery Shake Page.

Before he implemented the framework...

After he implemented the framework...

Not enough? See how we exceed expectations time and time again.

The Small Bag Story

Lyfe Fuel was trying to understand whether people bought more of the 14 meals or 24 meals variant.

The founder Chris wasn't able to make a decision because it wasn't proven by data.

The issue was they were creating a decision fatigue scenario since the customer had an additional choice to make, over the flavor and the subscription.

We went through their data in Google Analytics and found out that only 20% of people were buying the 14 variants on their website.

After applying this insight, Lyfe Fuel increased their sales due to reduced fatigue in the decision-making process of the customer

The Creative Playbook Story

Chris, founder of Lyfe Fuel, had no idea which images he should use for the product page redesign we'd been working on together.

That was not something that I had thought about, and it threatened the progress of the project itself.

So, what happened then?

We put together a Playbook that detailed all the guidelines for each type of image in an upcoming photoshoot.

Using the new guidelines, the photographer successfully got all the shots Lyfe Fuel needed.

Chris now feels empowered every time he has to take photos for his products because he knows exactly what he needs to do.

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