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Want to leverage consumer psychology for your brand? Need an effective product positioning angle to stand out?

The Conversion Hour gets you 60 minutes dedicated to any questions or struggles you have about:


If you want to step into a blue ocean with virtually no competition, then this is for you.


Whether it is a standalone landing page or your product pages, we'll make sure they'll convert like crazy.


Yeah, never heard about it before?

It's the new frontier to make you retain your customers for life, and it's here to last.


Explode your funnel, using psychological cues ingrained in your customer's mind.


If you have general questions on how you should approach a certain marketing challenge, look no further.


Want to speak the same language of your customers? Then this is for you.

What they say about us:

"I have worked with a dozen CPG e-Com brands and have always relied on Marco's insights to improve conversion rates, and revenue growth. He's a consumer psychology machine."

- Jorge Meza, CMO Reimagine Wellness, Inc. Ex-Procter & Gamble, AB-InBev

"His insights helped us uncover major conversion opportunities. He's the best guy I've ever worked with when it comes to CRO and consumer psychology."

- Isaac Rudansky, CEO of the #1 PPC company of 2021 by Digital.com. Author of the best-selling Google Ads training course, with 179,101 students enrolled worldwide.

"I’ve been blown away by the level of insights he shared with me on the call. I can just imagine the impact he’s going to make on the entire CPG industry."

- Deji Wesey, Founder at Go Hard Energy Drink

Testimonials are not enough? Check out Lyfe Fuel Story.

Yes, I want to see how Lyfe Fuel grew their conversion rate by 173%. 

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I get it. Strategy calls are different from the typical consultant-client relationship.

Typically, you'd have to book at least a month in advance to get your project on my calendar.

And, my project packages start at $5000.

That's why I built The Conversion Hour to solve your core issues that need a creative solution-fast.

This is the best investment for you if:

  • You know that having KILLER customer experience is going to pay dividends for years on end.

  • You are STRUGGLING to see the light at the end of the e-com tunnel because your website is just not converting as it should

  • You are in a COMMODITIZED market and you're fighting with your competitors for the same customers (Hint: there will be no happy ending)

The Conversion Hour is the quickest, most affordable way for you and I to work together—guaranteed.

And what you get out of it is totally up to you.

Whether you need to implement consumer psychology across your funnel, a killer product positioning angle, plan your conversion research, or just a brief audit of an existing landing page—I've got you covered.

For your Conversion Hour, you get 60 minutes of my time absolutely uninterrupted.

Now, that does mean that no whole deliverables are guaranteed.

Everything that gets completed in your Conversion Hour is yours—with a recording and a transcript delivered straight to your inbox.

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