You know your worth. Now, charge for it.

The unique and only course that will teach you how to anchor your price to the value you bring, NOT to the tasks you accomplish.

The Value Statement Course is for you if:

⌲ You want to charge 2X, 3X, sometimes even 5X higher prices without any objections

⌲ You want to make it a no-brainer for clients to choose a certain package over the others

⌲ You want the prospect to feel overly excited about working with you

⌲ You want to get seen as a value creator, not as a task achiever.

⌲ And much more...

All of this will be possible thanks to the groundbreaking application of proprietary consumer psychology principles such as Value-based Anchoring, Distinctive Familiarity Order Bias, and the MRI effect.

And so, I've got a question for you...

Are you ready to charge what you're worth?

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About The Author

Known in most circles as the Subscription Offer Man, he's the mind behind two of the most powerful resources out there for E-com founders: The Consumer Psychology and Subscription Offer handbooks.

Growing up as an introvert, Marco developed a natural intuition towards what makes people tick. That's how he developed a passion for psychology.

After graduating from a scientific high school, he taught Math and Physics for three years as a private tutor.

He particularly loves talking about Quantum mechanics and Relativity.

Using just a laptop and his love for numbers, he developed powerful consumer psychology principles that will help you close high-ticket deals effortlessly.

What people have to say:

"His insights helped us uncover major conversion opportunities. He's the best guy I've ever worked with when it comes to implementing consumer psychology to high-ticket sales."

- Isaac Rudansky, CEO of the #1 PPC company of 2021 by Author of the best-selling Google Ads training course, with 179,101 students enrolled worldwide.

"It was a no-brainer for us to get started working with him. The future he painted was so delightful that the high-ticket price was a grain of sand in comparison. "

- Chris Manderino, Founder of Lyfefuel

"I've had the pleasure to get a sneak peek at the sales systems of The Subscription Offer Man... I've never seen anything that has been so effective in closing high-ticket deals to date."

- Jorge Meza, CPG Branding Expert. Ex-Procter & Gamble, AB-InBev

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Yes, I want to talk to see if I qualify.